Something Awry

Something Awry (200 word contest)

A partially covered sun bathes the barren landscape in gentle warmth. Livestock munches away at grass, already making a substantial dent in their only food source besides a daily regimen of treated water. Tractors dot the plains, making room for fresh crops soon to be planted.

Driving along in one of the tractors sits Darren Churchill. His days as a farmer have become so routine he nearly misses spotting an oddity running behind the old, red barn next to the house.

Curious, he stops the tractor and hops onto the freshly paved ground. It doesn’t take him long to reach the side of the barn to investigate. Whatever he had seen had left or was hiding. Darren has been working these fields for the better part of eight years, and can spot any one of his fellow workers from a reasonable distance.

The oddity looked like a person, but had jumped almost like a kangaroo and adorned what looked like fur running up its back. A cluck prompts him to sprint inside the barn. Darren notices one of the hens is missing from the chicken coop. He was almost tempted to investigate further when he heard the bell for lunch.