Course Teaches Law Enforcement

Course Teaches Law Enforcement
February 18, 2011
Written By: Preston Orrick


Three times per year, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office encourages all citizens to participate in a free 10 week course, called the ‘Citizen’s Academy.’ The course covers how law enforcement and the justice system work in Indian River County.

Participants of the course meet once a week for two hours. Topics covered include drug awareness, identity theft, methods to stop crime, traffic control, victim’s assistance and community service. Participants are also given a tour of the county jail, which includes an 80 person cell block.

Special Operations are also covered including K-9 attack dogs, police helicopters and marine boats. Participants are given the chance to look through two sheriff helicopters as well as three patrol and pursuit boats.

Every meeting is informative and focuses on a particular topic. Several different specialists, such as detectives, officers and deputies, speak to the class about their specialized jobs. One demonstration includes a K-9 unit sniffing out hidden drugs, as well as attacking K-9 officers wearing protective gear.

An I.D. Theft Apparatus and several mechanical devices are also shown, used to steal credit card numbers at parking lots, gas stations and public venues such as ‘Disney World.’ According to Deputy Roberta Barker, “Identity Theft is the world’s number one crime.”

Officers specializing in illegal drugs bring in over a hundred samples of these kinds of drugs. Videos of hidden cameras inside illegal pill mills are also shown. “The biggest drug problem are the pill mills.”, said Sergeant Rick Vidiri.

Participants get the chance to meet with several public officials, including a judge at the local courthouse, the District Attorney, the head public defender and the sheriff courthouse staff. Plenty of time is given at the end of the meetings for questions and answers.

Graduates of the course can serve as volunteers for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. Some volunteer tasks include driving around in a volunteer squad car and helping with administrative needs.

More information about the course can be found here. Pre-Registration is required and the course has limited seating, so citizens wanting to participate in the course are encouraged to apply early.

New Destiny Christian Center

New Location For New Destiny Christian Center 
January 31, 2011
Written By: Preston Orrick


On February 6th, 2011, New Destiny Christian Center will host its grand opening of a brand new location in Orlando, FL. Until recently, the church has had one destination located in Apopka, FL.

New Destiny Church began making its mark in 1996, when Pastor Zachary Tims and six members set out to create a ministry “that transcends beyond the normal religious traditions of man.” The church began to grow in 1999, after Mr. Tims and his members raised enough money to buy a sanctuary on 14 acres of land.

Since its founding, the church has grown to include over 8,000 members and includes recreational and educational buildings, as well as a basketball court. New Destiny Christian Center is constantly involved in outstanding outreach programs, with several volunteers gathering together every year to help the needy.

With the new location, New Destiny Christian Center will continue its message that expresses the belief “that brings divine reversal in the lives of a people hungry for God and ready for change.” Service times are on Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., as well as every first Sunday at 6:30 p.m. and Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.

Joe Sanchez – Basketball Coach

Joe Sanchez – New Basketball Coach
Date: March 15, 2011
Written By: Preston Orrick

Joe Sanchez

As the new head basketball coach for Indian River State College, Joe Sanchez brings 25 years of collegiate experience. His experience is already improving the team.

Sanchez played basketball in high school and college, and made a commitment to coaching the sport as well as teaching. He started coaching in 1976 in Texas. Since that job, Sanchez has coached numerous men’s and women’s teams.

His profession has taken him from the U.S. Naval Academy to Jensen Beach High School. With over 440 collegiate wins, 448 college head-coaching wins and six teams in the NCAA tournament, Sanchez is in the midst of proving himself at IRSC.

“I’ve just been very fortunate,” Sanchez says. “I’m doing something that I always wanted to do as the coach and teacher.”

Sanchez was hired as head coach on January 3rd and had little time to get the team ready for its first game. Since then, Sanchez has kept practices organized and structured.

“I am very pleased with Sanchez so far,” says athletic director Scott Kimmelman. “He has come in and really instilled some structure and discipline to the guys that we needed.”

Currently, the team, which is 2-4 in the Southern Conference, is playing with just eight men on the roster because of injuries. They compete with teams with as many as 14 players.

“The kids were struggling a little bit there as we were going through the transition,” Kimmelman said. “One player acts as a center and everybody else plays as a guard. Joe’s forcing them to be basketball smart rather than just running up and down the court shooting the ball. That’s a big difference for us.”

In just six weeks, Sanchez has put his brand of play on the team.

“I like to press and up-tempo,” Sanchez says, “The team’s goal is to play their best during the season, so they can be ready for the conference tournament. “We’re working hard to pull a couple of surprises down the stretch.”

Kid Shooting

The basketball team has gone through many coaches before Sanchez in the past year, but the players are already seeing a difference in Sanchez’s coaching style.

“Sanchez is doing a lot of extra stuff that a coach doesn’t have to,” says freshman Eric Eversley, “He’s showing that he really cares about the team.”

Different offensive and defensive schemes are being used, and the players have noticed, says Quamian Foreman, who has been with the team for two years. “He’s real touchy on the game during practice, and constantly analyzing how we play.”, Quamian says.

From what Sanchez has displayed so far during practice and games, starter Luke Walters is optimistic. “We have our setbacks, but I think overall we’re getting better every day,” says Walters, who has been on the team for two years.


Sanchez also believes the future of his team will be solid. The young team only lost by two points to second-place team in the conference, and played very aggressively in a recent game against the conference leader. “Anything that we can accomplish now will be positive down the road,” says Sanchez.

“Joe Sanchez is going to gain some great respect here in the state,” Kimmelman says. “The college knows it’s going to get a good product out of Indian River again.”